Ebooks.  You can browse and download ebooks from Destiny Discover to read on your device.  You can sign in to Destiny Discover using your student number (not your PEN) and your student connect password.  You will need to download the following apps.

Destiny Discover... allows you to access our library's catalogue, both print and ebooks.  You can read ebooks within this app.
digital classroom.jpg
BC's Digital Classroom is a gateway to research databases.  
Username: deltasec
Password: delta
Do not login from the main page but choose a database first and then login.
Canadian Specific Content
Ebsco Database Search
Exactly what is says it is!
JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals and primary resources. During Covid an account holder can download 100 free items per month.  Account is free. This site is highly recommended for senior students engaged in research.